Hp Smart App Setup

HP Smart App download & hp smart app setup

The HP Smart app includes tools for print and scan your documents, set up your HP Printer to a wireless network, and Monitor ink level. Installing the HP Smart App on Windows 10

First, navigate to your Windows Store on your Windows 10 device. Then continue with the on-screen instructions for downloading and installing the app. Now open the app to continue the search for enabled Printers. Click your printer when your printer turns up. 

HP Smart App-Print of documents and images

Then if you set up a new Printer, it will be shown below the name with Setup. If your printer doesn’t show up, tap the Plus sign. Continue with the on-screen instructions to set up or join your new Printer.   

  1. First, tap a tile to print or scan a document from your printer’s home screen HP Smart device.
  2. Initially, press Print File or Print Picture on your home screen.
  3. Next in the Documents folder, find a picture or a PDF file.
  4. Otherwise, go to another folder where you can find your folder.
  5. After you have selected a picture or document, you want to print it and then click Print.
  6. This will show a preview of the print job in the Microsoft Print Preview window.
  7. You can now choose a different Printer or make changes to Print settings from the preview window as you wish.
  8. Next, tap Print from the preview window to close the preview window and print the document or picture to the printer.
  9. Now tap done in the HP Smart Print app window. Then the user will go back to the home screen.

Scan Photos or Documents - hp smart app

  1. You can scan your photos or documents from your HP Printer on your Windows 10 device, and then share these scans.
  2. First, tap the scan tile on the home screen of the  Smart HP app to open the scan window.
  3. Next, you change the page size and document type settings from the scan window. Then press Scan to screen the sample preview.
  4.  Now press Edit on the preview screen. Then make some changes using editing tools like crop or rotate.
  5.  Then, to change the border, press, and hold down the blue dot. The Edit window will show a scan that allows editing.
  6.  After this tap implement, the edits will be done. The resulting window will show any changes to the scan.
  7. Next, you can print, save, or share the scan in the result window. Then you might want to share or save the scan job and tap OK.

Next, you can see your printer status, go through your printer information, printer reports, see print job lists, do frequent ink level monitoring, see the wireless status, and then you can go through the HP Instant ink dashboard.

Extra Advantages of hp smart app

You can see the extra features of the HP Smart app like Print anywhere, Support Center, tools and smart tasks on your home screen.

Settings: You can customize your home screen and make use of other information such as privacy statements, feedback choices, data analysis and so on.

  1. Send the scanning task to your HP OfficeJet Printer to print.
  2. The Documents folder and the Pictures Library are the default repositories that contain the documents you’ve scanned.
  3. You can then share scanning documents or images in an email via social media.
  4. Next, you can save or share the scan work. You can tap OK then.

Steps to Use the HP Smart app for Print

  1. Check first that you connect your printer and your computer to a wireless network.
  2. Next, press Print Settings on your home screen.
  3. Then press the Print Home Page (EWS) button. Finally, tap Web Services and check that you have Web Services enabled.


HP Smart App (formerly known as HP All-in-One) is an application that lets you set up and control your HP printer using your smartphone or other devices and scan, print, share documents and images efficiently.


Hp Smart App Download and Setup for Android and iOS Devices

HP Smart App Setup for Android and iOS allows you to print, scan, copy, and troubleshoot printer issues for mobile devices.

  1. HP Smart App Download and Installation is achieved by visiting 123.hp.com on your Android or iOS smartphones.
  2. Make sure your smartphone has a wireless network connection.
  3. Open the Installed Hp Smart App and connect your HP Printer to it.
  4. If your Printer is shown on your device, then proceed to the next step.
  5. To complete the setup, select a printer and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  6. If the Printer is not in the list , select “+” to set up a new one and resume the On-screen process.

Print, and scan using Smartphones and Tablets

Choose the Print icon on your device.

  1. If you are printing online, sign in to your account.
  2. Search for a photo or document to print on your mobile device.
  3. Tap Print or Print icon to Print documents using the Hp Smart App on mobile devices.


  1. The types of the supported file format are,
  2. hp smart app download for Android devices: Photos (JPEG, PNG) and PDF documents.
  3. hp smart app download for iOS devices: Photos (JPEG, PNG), PDF and MS Office Suite documents (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx), text (TXT) files, and saved webpages.

Copy documents using HP Smart App for Android and iOS Devices

  1. Simply select the Copy icon from your Smart App. If you can’t see any copy icon in the app, Customize the button and select Copy again.
  2. Make the documents that you want to copy as simple as possible and place them on the right side of the surface.
  3. To set the size of the original documents, tap the size of the object button.
  4. If you want to enable flash mode, tap the Flash icon.
  5. To complete the setup, select the copy mode(Auto or Manual).

If you are using Auto mode, place the device over the documents you want to copy and keep the camera firmly in order to perform better copying.

  • hp smart app download for Android: Move the camera to the next item instantly, once the document is scanned automatically, or simply tap the right arrow to complete the copying process.
  • hp smart app download for iOS: Move the camera to the next item instantly, once the document is scanned automatically, or simply tap the round page count icon in the top right corner of the Device Screen to complete the copying process.
  •  If you are using manual mode, place the Screen at the center of the document you want to copy, and select the Capture icon to Copy the Documents. Then the Print Preview screen will be shown. Click the Add Pages icon if you want to copy more files.

The HP Smart App was successfully downloaded and installed on your Android and iOS devices. To make it easier to print, scan, and copy documents and photos from your smartphones and tablets.


Hp Smart App Download and Setup for Windows 10 Devices

  1. Visit the Windows Store for HP Smart App Download and Installation Setup on your Windows 10 device by following the instructions provided.
  2. Open the Smart App on your Windows device.
  • After your printer is shown in the list, click to start the setup.
  • If your printer is not in the display, then press “+” to connect the printer and follow the ON SCREEN instructions. The new printer is also set up using the Smart App.

Print or scan documents Using the HP Smart App on your Windows 10 device

Using the HP Smart App Home Screen, we can print and scan documents from the Printer by clicking the Print and Scan icons. We can also search your images using the Windows 10 camera on your device.

Printing a PDF or Saved images on your Windows 10 device

  • Open your home screen of the HP Intelligence App and press Print Document or Images.
  • Identify the Documents (PDF) or Images in the Pictures folder or the Document folder or some other folder where the File has to be printed is saved.
  • Select a photo or document that you want to print and click Print.
  • Then the Microsoft Print Preview window will show the preview of our document or images that we want to print.
  • From the Preview Window, press the Print button. Then the Printer will start printing your documents or images.
  • After finishing print jobs, click Done on the HP Smart App. Then it’ll go back to the Home screen.

Scanning a document or photo using HP Smart App in Windows 10 OS

  1. Click the Sean icon on the  Smart hp App Home screen. The scan window will be opened.
  2. Then adjust settings such as Screen Resolution and Size, Document Types, Screen Performance Styles, and Compression to combat Scan Jobs.
  3. Then press the Scan button to proceed. The scanning process of the document or images will start.
  4. The Scan Document Preview will be displayed. You can edit and make any changes like crop, rotate, etc. in this preview screen, you can also manually change the border by holding one of the blue dots.
  5. After finishing the editing process, click Apply. The Result Window will then appear.
  6. You can print, save, rename, save, share or add pages to the Result window.
  7. Complete the scanning process by saving or sharing scanning tasks and press OK.

The HP Smart app can be downloaded and installed on Windows 10 Devices. You will enjoy printing, scanning and copying documents and photos from your 10 OS windows.


HP Smart App Setup and Download for Mac OS

  1. Hp Smart App can be downloaded and installed by visiting 123.hp.com and following the on-screen prompt.
  2. Open the Smart App and add your printer to it.
  • When one or more printers are connected, the Smart App will automatically select the Printer. Choose the printer that you need to use by swiping left or right. If the printer is not on the list, add a different printer by clicking on the Prompt screen.
  • If you want to set up a new printer, click Printer > > Set up a new printer and follow the prompt on the screen.

3. The Hp Smart App download and installation setup for Mac is completed.

Print or scan documents and Images Using HP Smart App for Mac

You are able to print or scan documents and images on a Mac device by simply clicking the Print or scan icon on the Smart hp App Home Screen, respectively.

Print a Document or images on Mac OS using Smart App

  1. Click icon, then select Document Print or Print Images.
  2. Select the document or images you want to print and load. The Print window is then opened.
  3. Click Print Scan for a Mac OS document or images using HP Smart App:

Scanning a document or photo using Smart App in Mac OS

  1. Click the Scan icon from the smart Hp App Home Screen.
  2. Then open the Scan Window.
  3. Adjust any Settings with Scan Window to perform the Jobs scan and click scan.
  4. Adjust the border, rotate, crop and press Apply if appropriate. Apply.
  5. If you want to scan more pages, click add pages and Then Save / share the Scan task.

The HP Smart App has been successfully downloaded and installed on Mac. You can print, scan and copy documents and photos from your Mac OS.

How To Use Hp Smart App For Easy Setup, Effortless Printing ?

The hp smart app download needs to be connected to the same wireless network as your printer. Please install the application, then tap the application and click the Start button. Read and agree on the terms and conditions, please tap to start searching for printers on the available network, then please add your printer to the app.

You can fire a test print once it has been added. This is going to help you check the application. This application is used to print scan copy troubleshoot printing problems, and also helps the user to set up a hp printer on a wireless network. In order to successfully install a printer using the HP Smart app, it is essential that you have an updated Android phone; you also need an active internet connection, an HP printer that is turned on; please have a wireless password and passkey so that the network you are connected to is of a secure nature.

Open a web browser on your android smartphone, type “123.hp.com” in the search bar. The official hp website does not charge any services by clicking on the option that says you can get the app. If the app is enabled, please tap the icon to open it. When you open the app, the Welcome page will appear, tap Terms and Conditions, and then press Start.

The printer must be in setup mode to detect the printer through the app. Setup mode is enabled automatically after the printer is turned on for the first time. So if your HP printer receives an offline message, then restart the whole process again, if the printer has been turned on for more than 2 hours to cross-check whether or not it is in the setup mode, you can set up the network settings available in the printer menu.

Please read the instruction manual carefully before setting up a printer on the app. For all button printers, please press the Cancel button to wake up the printer from sleep mode. To set up network settings, push the Cancel button and the wireless network button together. Select Network Settings from the Navigation menu for printers with an LCD panel, and then click Reset Network Settings. Press the wifi key for X printers for 5 to 6 seconds so that you can access the settings option. Choose a wireless network wizard mode to set up a printer for printers with outdated technology. You can use WPS mode on the router to connect the printer to other printers. To add your printer to HP Smart, please tap the + sign. The Device detects printers connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Select your printer from the list given if a new printer is not included in the tap setup list. This will inform you that your printer is choosing it by tapping the printer.

If the dialog box opens, enter the wireless network key. When this key has been entered, you can press Continue. Enable the cartridge in the printer by opening the access door of the cartridge installed in the appropriate cartridge slots until it is closed. Close the cartridge to enter the lock, then press Start setup. Ensure that the paper is properly loaded into the printer to conduct the printouts. Please adjust the paper guides to avoid paper jams in printers.

Advantages of HP Smart App

HP Smart App offers an effortless solution to your printing needs with technological innovations that you can set up on your Android phone using the above-mentioned process, or use the tutorials on www.hp.com to help you print scanning and copy from your phone easily and cost-effectively. No more tangled cables needed all you need is to follow the instructions step by step so that the printer can be linked to your phone and you can send a print command from anywhere in your home or workspace. Ensure that your printer and printer are connected to the same device. Install the printer app, press the Start button to check the printer on the network. Accept all applicable terms and conditions so that the printer is properly connected and ready to print.

Open the HP application to identify the document available for printing by choosing the document available for printing preview in the print preview settings to change the document and print. It also helps you select an ink cartridge; you can access tools and reports that you can view printer reports; you can adjust pages by accessing quality tools to effectively adjust print quality.


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