HP Fax Setup

Faxing is a safe means for sharing data compared to mail or other settings. HP has generated Fax-capable multifunctional printers within which you can send reports to any hp fax machine. You can both utilize the landline phone or cellular service.

How To Set Up And Send A Fax From HP Printer

  1. Connect phone wall jack to your printer’s 1-LINE jack utilizing a phone cord.
  2. Open HP Fax Setup Wizard on your PC.
  3. Fixed your Fax choices and settings.
  4. Instead, open the HP Fax or Setup menu on your printer’s control panel and set your choices.
  5. Choose the Run a Fax Test choosing under the Fax menu to get a record.
  6. Locate the report that you need to fax on the scanner glass.
  7. Dial you’re receiving hp fax number from the control panel and click Black, Color, or Send.

Detailed Guidance For Setting Up HP Fax By Landline Telephone Service

  1. Receive a telephone cord with connectors that have two-wire edges.
  2. Start one end of the phone cord into your phone’s wall jack and the other end to the 1-LINE jack on your printer’s back.
  3. If you have an answering machine, utilize a phone cord to connect the answering machine to the 2-EXT jack of your printer. The answering machine can instantly record voice calls without the obstacle of sounds from faxes.
  4. Open the HP Software on your PC and set choices and settings for fax below the HP Fax Setup Wizard on your Windows OS or Basic fax settings on your Mac.
  5. Instead, you can also utilize the Hp Fax or Setup menu on your printer’s control panel to set your choices.
  6. Build a fax header that should add your name, your business’ name, and the fax your telephone number.
  7. Permit the Answer mode if needed and choose a ring type, dial type, and fax volume.
  8. You can also select the number of rings to answer, i.e., the printer includes the number and answers the call after the fixed number rings.
  9. Open the HP Fax menu on the printer’s control panel and choose the Run Fax Test option. Wait for the printer to print data containing test results and guidance for resolving the problem if any.
  10. Insert the report to be faxed, on your scanner glass. If you need to fax multiple pages, load your report in the Automatic Report Feeder.
  11. Dial you’re receiving fax number including the area core, line access code, and country-code from the control panel, and choose Black, Color, or Send. The printer prints a fax document if the fax was sent successfully.

Test fax setup

You can test your fax set up to verify the status of your printer and to assure it is set up. Perfectly for faxing. Perform this test after you have finished setting up the printer for faxing.

The test gives the following:

  1. Tests your fax hardware
  2. Check the right type of phone cord is linked to your printer
  3. Verify that the phone cord is plugged into the right port
  4. Verify for a dial tone
  5. Verify for an active phone line
  6. Tests the rank of your mobile phone line connection

The printer prints a document with the results of the test. If the test fails, correct the report for data on how to fix the issues and rerun the test.

To test fax set up by the printer control panel

  1. Set up your printer for faxing according to your exact home or office setup instruction.
  2. Ensure the ink cartridges are installed, and that full-size paper is filled in the input plate
  3. before beginning the test.
  4. From your printer control panel, press (right arrow), and then press Setup.
  5. Press Tools, and then press Run Fax Test.
  6. The printer shows the status of the test on the show and prints a document.
  7. Review the report.
  8. If the test succeeds and you are still having issues faxing, verify the fax settings noted in the report to check the settings are right. A blank or inaccurate fax setting can create issues with faxing.
  9. •If the test fails, examine the document for more data on how to fix any issues encountered.

Setting up the Fax with Simple Setup - MX490 Series

To set up the fax ability of your PIXMA MX490 Series printer utilizing Easy setup, follow the steps here.

  1. With the hp printer turned on, touch the Setup button.
  2.  In the Setup menu, touch the right arrow till the Fax settings look on the LCD. Touch OK.
  3. In the Fax settings menu, touch OK on Easy setup.
  4.  In the Easy setup menu, touch OK on Start setup.
  5. The message Connect your Tel socket and the LINE jack on the device’s backside will scroll over the LCD. Connect a telephone line cable into a telephone device at the wall. Connect the other edge of that cable into the LINE edge on the rear of the printer. Snap here to see the status of the LINE jack. After connecting the telephone line cable, touch OK.
  6. The information Connect a telephone to the device’s EXT port will scroll across the LCD. Connect a telephone (or a telephone/answering device combination device) into the EXT. jack on the rear of your printer. Snap here to see the status of the EXT. jack.
  7. The information Begin the telephone line connection test will scroll across the LCD. Touch OK. The computer will try to choose up the line. If the connection search fails, verify that the telephone line cables are plugged in perfectly and try again.
  8. After the test has been completed, Verify the Simple setup results will scroll across the LCD. Touch OK.
  9. Use of Tel line will look on the LCD. Utilize the left or right arrows to select Sharing FAX/voice or FAX only. Choose the wanted choice and touch OK.
  10. The Receive mode and Telephone line type will look on the LCD. These will cycle rear and forth, along with a message that says Touch OK to apply. If Sharing FAX/voice was selected for Use of Tel line, the Receive mode will be Tel Priority mode and the Telephone line type will be both Tone or Pulse. If FAX only was selected for Use of Tel line, the Receive mode will be Fax only mode and the Telephone line type will be either Tone or Pulse. Press OK.

Setting Up the Fax Configuration (PC Fax)

  1. Snap [] (Start) -> [System and Printers].
  2. Right-snap the icon of the fax whose settings you need to configure -> snap [Printer properties] (or [Printer properties]) on the shown menu.
  3. Choose the [Device Settings] tab -> snap [Get Device Status].
  4. Verify the settings -> snap [OK].


  1. For Windows 8 and Server 2012: From the Home screen, show the appeal bar to the right of the screen, and snap or click [Settings] -> [Control Panel] -> [Devices and printers].
  2. For Windows Vista, snap [] (Start) -> [Control Panel] -> [Printers].
  3. For Windows XP Professional/Server 2003, snap [Start] -> [Printers and Faxes].
  4. For Windows XP Home Edition, snap [Start] -> [Control Panel] -> [Printers and Other Hardware] -> [Printers and Faxes].
  5. For Windows Server 2008, on the [Start] menu, snap [Control Panel] and then double-snap


If you need to share the fax, installing the Canon Driver data help Service in the print server will allow you to utilize the [Get Device Status] use. To establish [Canon Driver Information Assist Service], choose [Custom Installation] when installing the software.

If the fax and PC are connected by USB or a WSD (Web Services on Devices) port, the [Get Device Status] function is unavailable. You want to configure the settings.


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