HP Easy Scan

Copy your reports digitally

  1. The official application for HP printers and scans. Handle incoming reports by scanning them into PDF files.
  2. Designed by HP, Easy Scan enables people who have HP multifunction printers and scanners to manage their incoming reports. 
  3. This is simple to utilize, that instantly scans reports and enables you to save them as PDF files.
  4. It scans text and pictures and copies it into a digital file format. The outcome is a professional-looking report that can look on any device.
  5. You can keep time by programming it to do functions. One instance of this is if you are scanning a multiple page document, rather than creating ten one-page reports, your printer can be set up to always create one file. method multi-page reports at one time or just a one-page. 
  6. The modern software accepts both texts and automatically finds pictures in a report. The recent update to the software brings increased confidence. 
  7. At the same time, the display has been optimized to assure you receive the highest-quality scanned reports.
  8. There are some checks to this application. Not all HP products are agreeable.
  9. You will want to assure you have the newest ICA driver installed on your computer for the software to work. 
  10. Lastly, this application only identifies HP products, so every printer in your network may not be agreeable with this application.

Where can you run this application?

HP Easy Scan works on Mac OS X (version 10.10) or next. There is also a version for Windows PC that needs Windows 8.1 or a fresher OS.

Is there a better choice?

No. If you are utilizing an HP scanner or hp com setup printer that is suitable, then this is the ideal solution for all your scanning wants.

Our part

This application does a great job of making digital replicas of different forms and reports, and it enables you to handle different jobs on your network, with the help of your workspace.

Should you download it?

Okay, but if you don’t own a hp com setup printer, then this instrument isn’t for you.


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